Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Won the lottery

For a writing prompt I chose to do one where your friend has won the lottery and wants to tell everyone and I have to persuade him not to.

What, you just won the lottery?  Well you should try your best to keep your mouth shut about it unless it’s to your closest family members because of these reasons.

You could get robbed! If everyone know that you have truckloads of money then some people will try and steal it all from you. Or they could kidnap one of your family members then ask you to pay ransom to get them back.

Also if everyone knows, then they might not steal it but ask for it time after time. And then more people will ask for some and before you know it you will be choked up with people asking for your money.

I hope this has persuaded you not to tell everyone about your pot of gold.

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  1. Hi Solly,

    There are some great ideas here. I would not want to tell people I had won money because iI believe everyone will ask you for money. Instead I would secretly give money to those that need it. What would you do if you won lots of money?


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