Friday, 4 December 2020


 In class we were given the task of researching a culture me and my group chose Russia so here is our slideshow.

Friday, 20 November 2020

Book Character Day

 Today is book character day at Awahono School, and most of us dressed up as a book character. I dressed up as someone called bone( you probably don't know who that is). Here is the google drawing I made one it.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Living Springs

 Room 6 went on a camp at living springs we did many fun activities and this slideshow will tell you all about them. Enjoy!

Friday, 21 August 2020


 We had a class debate over should trees get cut down! Here is the writing tat I did on it. Hope you enjoy and agree with me.

We have been asked the question: Should trees be cut down? I did not hesitate to fight for not cutting down trees because of these reasons. I am strongly against cutting down trees

First of all it has been proven that trees produce oxygen, and  every year 3.5 billion to 7 billion are being cut down. Yes trees produce some items that we use but would you rather have toilet paper or oxygen, I mean really? Healthy mature trees produce 260 pounds of oxygen a year, thats only enough to supply a four person family and yes oxygen weighs something it actually weighs 0.001429 of a gram per cubic meter, I bet you people who want to cut trees and don’t care about the environment didn’t know that, BECAUSE YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT.

Second off Is the animals WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO LIVE???? 137 species of animals are becoming extinct every day adding up to 50 000 species are dying a year because of deforestation . Another terrifying animal slaughter fact is that 8 out of 10 land animals depend on trees the same trees we are cutting down at horrifying speed we are going to wipe out so many more species unless we stop. Wait wait wait I already know that your going to say well they can just move away especially the birds they can just fly of. My first problem with that is that not all of the animals can get away some birds might hit branches as the tree falls and get crushed and also what about baby animals like eggs chicks and anything that cant get away in time! My other problem with that is well imagine the tables are turned, your just in your your house making some breakfast they a sparrow driving a bulldozer comes and knocks your house down according to you guys it no big deal because “ oh they can just move away” right no big deal! Of course it actually is a big deal because they have to start all over again for finding shelter and finding something to eat and drink.

For my last argument It causes global warming, you wood chopping maniacs may of heard it and I also hear that some people don’t believe in global warming. To that I say WHHHAAAATTTTTT first of how and why don’t you believe in it, it has been proven that it exists. Even for you people who do believe it exist you obviously don’t care that our planet is going to become a scorching desert unless we do something about it because you are creating it every time you cut down a tree it almost seems like you want our earth to become scorching hot. If you people don’t stop then you are digging your own grave.

In conclusion you tree slicing sickos chopping down our source of oxygen by the truck load. Destroying the animals all around us with extreme speed and causing global warming. Hope your happy you are ruining our planet.

# team trees

How to make butter

 We have been learning how to make butter here is my set of instructions on how to make butter. Here it is.

1. Put straight cream into a easy bottle to shake

 2. Then shake up the butter cream until you can see butter and milk inside of the jar

3. Next you need to add some salt into the mix

4. Then  you need to pour the milk out into a separate container than the butter then you should be all ready.


5. When you add the milk you can add herbs like thyme into the mix.

Here is a photo of me doing some stirring

Speech Board

 I competed in the Speech Board Competition! My speech was about vegetarians I had three different paragraphs, in those paragraphs I went over what is it like to be a vegetarian, what vegetarians are and why you should be one. Here is my writing.

This speech is sponsored by potatoes. Many people have heard of vegetarians. Many people haven't, if you are one of the people who haven't then you're in for some information because that is the topic of my speech.

Vege-ter-ians what are they? Vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat and don’t harm animals. Strict vegetarians are vegans which means they don’t eat dairy and eggs, regular vegetarian just don’t eat meat. Most vegetarians also care about nature and trees because they don’t want to harm the animals like I said earlier. 

Some people might be wondering what it is like to be a vegetarian. I think it’s great to be a vegetarian. I’ve  been one all my life; I have never ever eaten a piece of meat! Some people might find it difficult at first, but I think it's worth it because it keeps you healthy. You can make up for the things you are missing from meat like iron which you can get from sesame seeds, although 2 of the highest sources of iron are black beans and red beans you also need protein which you can get from tofu and beans That’s right you can get BOTH iron and protein from beans!  Some people think you won’t be strong enough if you don’t eat meat, but did you know that famous tennis player Venus Williams is a vegetarian, along with several body building champions!

 I also  think it’s harsh on animals to eat them and some might say it’s just the circle of life but  we eat so much of it and we should really cut down on it. I mean 315 million tons of meat are consumed every year by the human population!  Another fact is that Because of global warming our planet is heating but if you eat like a vegetarian then you produce less green house gases.

My next paragraph is persuasive, I am going to try to convince you to at least try being a vegetarian, the first reason is because it keeps you healthy. You don’t consume any of the bad meats such as red meats which causes bowel cancer. Also did you know an oxford study shows that on average a vegetarian out lives a meat eater by around 6 years?Like sometimes it feels like this is how much some people care about animals. For my final reason, you might just like being a vegetarian. It might just be a fun project that you try for a week then go back. Did you know tht 31 percent of NZ people are reducing their meat intake, and 3 percent are already vegetarians .  

Why does it rain so much on the West Coast

 We were learning about the water cycle and why it rains so much on the west coast of NZ here is my DLO on why it rains so much on the West Coast.