Thursday, 7 May 2020

football camp

One of our writing prompts was to wright about how we think camp should stay on the week we thought in the first place instead of a week later, because I have football camp that week.

You know how the teacher is having a class vote to see if we should go on school camp one week later than planned so that we are the only school there? Well I think that it should stay on the week we originally planned, because I have football training camp the other week. You should vote to keep it on the same week because of these reasons:

First of all, other people might also have made plans and they too could be getting messed up if we change the week. So I might not be the only one who has made plans which are getting messed up by the school camp changing weeks.

Secondly the other schools probably won’t even get in our way. The schools will have planned it so that each would do the activities at different times and not be holding the others up. Everyone is really excited to go to camp, so the sooner we go the happier the kids will be.

In conclusion, I think that we should keep school camp on the same week because it won’t mess up anyone's plans, and the other schools won’t get in our way.

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